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Stock Alert Service


Would you like to be updated when we get new stock in your favourite design and size?

We will order the requested item and send you a link in an email when the item arrives from the manufacturers.

You can then shop online and pay for it in the usual way.

If you change your mind in the meantime you are under no obligation to purchase the product, but it would help if you let us know.

Please send us an email with the details below.  Please specify your size and what you are looking for.  Please include the full title and the SKU of the product.


Size Large

Turbo NEW ZEALAND FANTASY Super Tank Trunks

Product SKU 7964617-0908


Size Small

Turbo NEW ZEALAND Relax Thin Strap Swimsuit

SKU: 8985924-0908

You can email Turbo Swimwear at info@turboswimwear.co.uk 

When we get new stock we will send you a quick email with a link to the correct stock page - simple!

Stock and Made-to-Order Swimwear
How to tell the difference ....

Stock (definitely the best choice!)

All stock items are located in the TURBO STOCK SWIMWEAR category here

All stock items have an SKU that begins with the word 'STOCK'.
E.g. STOCK79348-0508M - The letter at the end denotes the size.

All stock swimwear has the size of the item in its name.
E.g. Turbo JUNGLE Wide Strap Swimsuit Size XL

Stock swimwear is usually dispatched within one week.


Made-to-order swimwear is located in the TURBO MADE-TO-ORDER SWIMWEAR category here

All made-to-order items have an SKU that begins with a number.

E.g. 79348-0508

Made-to-order swimwear can be ordered in any size, so it's a great option of you can't find a stock design you like, in your size.

However, you will need to be very patient. We order made-to-order swimwear direct from the manufacturer, it can take weeks or even months to arrive. We always recommend that you check stock items first.