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Stock or made-to-order?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer 2 choices – the widest range of Turbo ‘in stock’ items in the world backed up by a wonderful bespoke service that allows you to choose made-to-order items if you need an unusual size or a specific design.

We are in complete control over the delivery schedule of stock items and these are delivered very quickly but we have no control over the length of time that it takes for made-to-order items to arrive.  Sometimes this can take weeks, or even months. Please be aware of this when you order made-to-order swimwear.

What is the difference between swimming trunks and water polo trunks?

There is actually very little difference.  Often swimmers wear water polo trunks and polo players wear swimming trunks.

Swimming trunks are single layered, water polo trunks are double layered for strength and toughness. There is a difference in the sizes of water polo and swimming trunks too.   A man who wears a size medium in swimming trunks, would wear a size large in water polo trunks.  

The cut and style of Turbo water polo and swimming trunks is exactly the same.  If you want a different cut you might want to consider Super Tank Trunks.  These are swimming trunks that are deeper (14 cm) than normal Turbo swimming trunks giving them a fashionable low lying look.

Where is my made-to-order swimwear?

When you place an order for Turbo made-to-order swimwear it might take a few weeks to arrive.  When we authorise manufacture of your individual swimwear piece, it may be manufactured within a week, or it may need to go into a queue - Turbo swimwear is very popular and at busy times you may have to wait a while.  People who have worn Turbo for years know that it is worth the wait!



Where are your Terms & Conditions?

They are here - Terms & Conditions

What does 'Awaiting Manufacture' mean?

When your order status changes to 'Awaiting Manufacture', this means that your products are on order from our manufacturer.  If they already have them in stock, delivery can take less than a week, although sometimes it's longer.  Some of our items are not carried in stock and are manufactured especially for you.  This can take up to 12 weeks (occasionally longer).  

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes we do, you can read it here - Privacy

Can you give me a tracking code for my delivery?

All orders, once shipped, are tracked by the Royal Mail internally, the service we use does not issue external tracking details, so we will have no tracking number that we can give you.

Stock and Made-to-Order Swimwear
How to tell the difference ....

Stock (definitely the best choice!)

All stock items are located in the TURBO STOCK SWIMWEAR category here

All stock items have an SKU that begins with the word 'STOCK'.
E.g. STOCK79348-0508M - The letter at the end denotes the size.

All stock swimwear has the size of the item in its name.
E.g. Turbo JUNGLE Wide Strap Swimsuit Size XL

Stock swimwear is usually dispatched within one week.


Made-to-order swimwear is located in the TURBO MADE-TO-ORDER SWIMWEAR category here

All made-to-order items have an SKU that begins with a number.

E.g. 79348-0508

Made-to-order swimwear can be ordered in any size, so it's a great option of you can't find a stock design you like, in your size.

However, you will need to be very patient. We order made-to-order swimwear direct from the manufacturer, it can take weeks or even months to arrive. We always recommend that you check stock items first.